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BHtM^S CHHATfBT.                                            247
"In tie year Sambat 189S (t. «., 1336 A.D.), on an auspicious day?
Eirtik Badl 5? in the reign of the Emperor Shahjah&n, this monument was
erected by Banl Rambhavari, widow of Baj£ Bhirn, tht son of B&ni Aip^r
Sink "
This Bana Acaar Sink though one of the most gaUami princes of his
line, was the first sovereign of Mewir who had to stoop to acknowledge Mmself
s vassal of the Delhi Emperor : not without a manfnl strngglej in wMch
ii- is said that he fonght against JaMngfr's forces in as many aa seventeen
pitched battles. He was succeeded on the throne, in 1621 A. D., by his eldest
son, Karan Sink ; while the younger, the BMm of the inscripiaonj Being high in
the favour of Prince Khuram, received also the title of Baji witk a giant of
territory on the Banas, where be built Mmself a capital, caHed BftjmahaL He
did not, however, long eajoy his honours ; in bis friendship for the young
prince lie induced him to conspire against Ills eider brother^ Farm, the right-
ful heir to the throne, and, in the disturbances that ensued lie was slain ;
while Prince Klmram took refuge at the court of Udaypor till Ms fk&er'jg
death, in 1^:2$ A. D., summoned him to ascend the itirone of BelM with &e
title of Shahjah&n.
As the mon-nment was in a very ruinous condition and had been rendered
stili more insecure by red doing the level of the ground round its £0niid®ii0nif
It was taken dowa and re-erected on &e platform that nmrks the ate of
ike old sacrarium1 where it serf es to conceal the           nibble irall that
Tke«e works tad more                       the petty sum of Bs. 5,CX)0S nMdi
( as remarked at the time} was barely enough to pay for the scaffolding r^nired
for a complete restoration; but in the meantime Sir John Straciiey had succeeded
to the Government of tnese Provinces, and fee speedily showed Ma interest in
the matter by             a liberal grant from public funds. With this the roof
of tie entire bniding was thoroughly repaired ; the whole of the upper part of
the frontj wMck was in a most perilous state, taken down and rebuilt;
and the pillars, brackets^ and eaYes of the external arcades on lie north aad
south sides, together irith the porcitei at the fonr comers of the central dome,
were all renewed. A complete restoration was also effected of &e jaff^m&km>
(or choir) tower, excepting only that the inial mad a few stage® of stonework
immediately under it were not added; For they had entirely periafaed and, in
the absence of the original design-, Sir Join Strachey would not allow me to
replace them* As a general principle the mtrcxiiiction of any work